Mayan Sun

WMS LogoMayan Sun is part of the G+ 4x5 series from WMS Gaming. Like all games in this series, Mayan Sun used a 4x5 reel layout instead of them more common 3x5.

This opens up a lot more pay line options and Mayan Sun delivers on this with both 50 and 100 line versions. As you would expect, Mayan Sun features rich graphics and sound that bring the Mayan empire back to life on casino floors.

You will find Mayan Sun in a range of coin sizes with the penny and nickel games being the most common. You will also find a good mix of both 100 and 50 line games. Mayan Sun features stacked Sun wild symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 as well as stacked Mayan Moon symbols on reels 2 and 4.

This means you can get a whole screen of wilds and in turn the top jackpot on all lines. Unlike most slots the scatter symbols do not activate any bonus stage. Instead free spins are won by getting stacks of three or more wild symbols on at least two reels aligned left to right.

Getting two awards 5 free spins, getting three awards 10 free spins, getting four awards 20 free spins and getting all five awards 50 free games. The free spins can also be re-triggered.

The fact that the wild symbols also activate the bonus means that you can hit a big win on triggering the bonus even before the free spins start.