How to Play Video Slots

While there are countless variations of video slot machines they are all played in a very similar way. Once you learn what all the buttons do and how to read the payout tables you should be able to play any game without any trouble.

Always remember though that the way you play has no outcome on the reels or the payout percentage. If you ever find a machine that you cannot figure out then ask the casino staff as they will always be happy to assist you.

The Buttons

Video Slot DiagramAll video slots have a front area where there are a range of different buttons. All of these buttons have a different use or purpose. In general there are two rows of at least five buttons although this can range from between five and seven.

The back row of buttons tend to be related to the amount of credits you want to bet per line. These go from the lowest on the left to the highest on the right. For example 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 credits per line. The back row buttons also often control the gamble feature.

The front row of buttons include the lines per spin, the bet max button, the cash collect button and in some cases a help button. The purpose of these buttons is explained in detail below.

Lines Per Spin
These buttons control how many lines you are betting on per game

Bet Max
This button automatically bets the maximum number of coins and starts the game

Cash / Collect
Press this button to take your money out of the slot machine.

Help / View Payouts
On some slots this lead to additional screens of game information

Read the Pay Table

In general the pay table of a video slot machine can be in one of three places. On the top front of the game above the screen, on the lower panel below the screen or on the screen itself accessible via a view payouts or help button.

Before you play you should take a minute or two to read all of the information on the payout table as it will contain information on the games payouts, the bonus features and betting requirements. If max bet is required for a jackpot the pay table will always indicate this so it is relatively easy to find out.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 : Read the pay out table before you do anything else
Step 2 : Insert coins or bills and confirm that you have the correct amount of credits
Step 3 : Choose your credits per line
Step 4 : Choose your lines per spin
Step 5 : Start the reels spinning
Step 6 : Win or lose
Step 7 : Go back to step 5
Step 8 : Press Collect to take out your cash

As you can see, playing slots is a very simple way of having some fun gambling at a casino and to have the chance at coming out a winner with little need for skill. In our opinion the most important step is the first one as reading the pay out table is a MUST for every slot player.