Bally Gaming LogoBally has released almost a dozen different slots using the Playboy theme. There are currently three video slots in this line up with each one having a different bonus game.

As you would expect from a such a well known brand the games are all high quality and offer some great chances to win on every spin. They are easy to find in casinos due to the large rabbit head logo and Playboy brand found on top of every game.

All versions of the Playboy video slots come in five reel, nine line and five reel, twenty line formats. Coin sizes vary from casino to casino but you will most often find the nickel versions although there are some penny.

All of the bonus games have something to do with Playboy magazine. These include features such as the Cover bonus and the Centerfold bonus. The bonus games are highly interactive for instance in the Cover bonus you get to choose from 12 of Playboys' classic covers.

Each pick give you bonus credits and a close look at the magazine cover. If you want to play the Playboy slots you will have to be in the United States as the games are currently not available at casinos in other countries.